• We like to make things.

    We are a team.

    We think of ourselves as kind yet firm – grace and finesse, you guys, separates us from the animals.

    We want to be our best selves and do our best work.

    We are no less than the moon and the stars.

    We are meant to be here.

  • Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister met on MySpace in late 2007. They started making things and otherwise didn’t really have a plan.  They dated for a few years, the business grew, they stopped dating, the business grew, and grew and grew and grew.  They were self producing all of their products and found that all they were doing was business, business, business in a depressing industrial park in south Seattle.  During this time Jamie fell in love with Aaron Keeler, got engaged, brought Aaron on as a partner and they then all hatched a plan.  They downsized the company, outsourced the fabrication, got a beautiful studio space overlooking Puget Sound and returned to what they love – designing beautiful products.  Products that are simple, use natural materials, are just the right composition and proportion, are fabricated in the US and assembled in their studio.  They all live together in a townhouse in Capitol Hill with their dogs Sid and Gus and now they have a plan. It’s sort of The Real World meets design studio, or something.

    • This is simultaneously the most difficult and the best thing we’ve ever set out to accomplish, the problem contains the soultion, convention is boring, therapy will cure most anything, eight weeks of vacation a year would be a good place to start, the truth always happens, friends = family, improving yourself 1% at a time, you are a lovely human, working smarter and not harder, our parents love us.
    • Industrial processes, thunderstorms, other people’s playlists, mundane objects, the Sun, fresh powder, collaborative projects, new finishes, dreams of the desert, bike rides, working with local vendors, burning sage, Beyoncé, hiking, crab dinners, weekend projects, out-of-print reference books, pets, siestas and fiestas, figuring this all out, you.
    • Doing trades for art, sleeping in, finding time to cook, a nice cold brew, our French press, Bring Your Dog To Work Day (everyday), pranks, The New Yorker, cereal, down comforters, the taco truck down the street, carpooling to work.